Discover how art, culture and culinary delights combine in a wonderful and impressive way to form harmonious beauty and elegance. The art gallery of the palace founded in 1096 as a Benedictine monastery forms a stylish, unparalleled backdrop for your event. Besides tradition-steeped images, paintings, sculptures and works of art, particular highlights include works by realist painter and illustrator Friedrich Hechelmann.


The year 1550 can be seen on a lintel. It indicates the laying of the foundation stone for the rather simple building. The palace has experienced a great deal since then, and so, too, have its inhabitants. Today, the stylish structure with modern fittings and event technology is also available to you for your celebration. Whether a large banquet in the Renaissance hall or the simplicity of the open fire in the servants’ kitchen, we provide the right culinary framework.


The beautiful little Renaissance palace on a picturesque hill in Illerwinkel is still owned by the family. The premises, which are available to you for your event, are presented as full of life with a real eye for detail. Whether period dining in the renovated carriage house or the dream wedding in the rococo palace chapel followed by a reception, Kronburg Palace adapts to your needs.


Arena - The sheer stone walls of the arena exude a special Medieval ambience. Whether a concert, ball, theatre, company and product presentation, trade fair or party, the historic structures have a very special feel – above all when combined with modern light and event technology.

Salt store – It was originally 64m long, the salt depot on the salt road from Hall to Lindau. However, there is still an event room available to you measuring an impressive 32m in length, which offers space for up to 180 people with table seating.

Old barracks – The four rooms of the old barracks, which were extended with a real love of natural materials, are above all suitable for seminars. In an atmospheric ambience, we provide the catering for coffee breaks, an inspiring lunch or a well-deserved dinner.

Cellar and tavern – Visible stone arches, a gleaming suit of armour and a real stuffed boar make this cellar the epitome of a medieval backdrop. Those looking to get married can say ‘I do’ in the renovated Bretterkapelle chapel. The tavern with a bar can be found in the cellar. The Middle Ages don’t get any cosier than this.


The two tourist magnets Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau lie within view. Yet you don’t notice any of the hustle and bustle at the tranquilly located little palace. The listed building has living rooms that are still in the Art Nouveau style, which are available for use for your celebrations, as well as a small chapel that can offer weddings from 2014